Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dicatorship - part 1- From Uruguay "Kill Them All"


During the seventies and eighties many Latin American countries suffered Coup d' État that overthrew democracies and installed dictatorships that brought unbelievable horror and pain. I was a child at the time. I grew up in Argentina during “The Dirty War” as the last dictatorship was known (1976-1983). It was a time of despair when 30,000 people disappeared, los desaparecidos.

More than 30 years after the events, the pain is still alive and filmmakers are dealing with those stories.

From Uruguay/Chile/Argentina/Germany:
Kill Them All/Matar a todos
Esteban Schroeder, 2007, 97 m

Roxana Blanco plays a prosecutor and Human Rights lawyer in post-Junta Montevideo who must investigate the role her family played during those dark times. Based on real life events the movie portraits the covered-up kidnapping of a well-known Chilean biochemical engineer, and the fragility of the new Latin American democracies.
Roxana Blanco won Best Actress at the Havana Film Festival.

I interviewed Roxana when I wrote about this movie for an article in the NY Daily News about LATINBEAT 2008. Latinbeat is the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual Latin American Film Festival that takes place every year at the Walter Reade Theater.

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