Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Argentina: Daniel Burman


I want to answer some questions I got from friends:

1) The movies are in Spanish with English subtitles.

2)Latin Films stand for Latin American Films.

3) Almodovar is from Spain and yes, I care about Spanish movies too, but, I want to write about movies that generally don't get so much attention...By the way I'm a big fan of his movies.

Talking about movies...I want to introduce:

From Argentina:

Daniel Burman

Daniel Burman is an Argentinian filmaker who portraits the lives of regular people. His main characters are middle class Jews who live in Buenos Aires and have to deal with life in their city, assimilation, family, love, etc. He is interested in the relation between father and son. I really enjoy very much his movies. They are very moving and fun to watch. They show the many faces of Buenos Aires...

Waiting for the Messiah/Esperando al Mesias
2000, 93 minutes.
Argentina is in the middle of economic turmoil. Ariel is a young Jewish man (Daniel Hendler) who has just lost his mother. Santamaria, is a man who lost his job in a bank and spends time collecting stolen wallets from the garbage and returning them for a reward...

Lost Embrace/El abrazo partido
2004, 100 minutes.
Ariel, a young Argentine Jew (Daniel Hendler) is dealing with his mother and an absent father who left to fight for Israel when he was a baby. His mother (Adriana Aizenberg) has a lingerie store in a "galeria", a modest shopping mall in Buenos Aires. When his father returns to Argentina, Ariel discovers why his father left the family.

Family Law/Derecho de familia
2006, 102 minutes.
In the last movie of the trilogy, we encounter Perelman, a young Argentine Jew (the same Daniel Hendler) who chose to teach Law instead of joining his father's successful Law Firm. The film explores Perelman' s marriage, the birth of his son and the relationship between him and his charismatic father.

I hope you enjoy these movies.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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