Monday, January 25, 2010

The Aura/ El Aura, Argentina


Let's talk about the film:

The Aura/El Aura
Argentina, 2006

As I already wrote about Nine Queens, I want to share with you another film by Argentinian director Fabian Bielinsky.

Ricardo Darin, the same actor who appeared in Nine Queens, is Espinoza, a taxidermist who suffers random bouts of epilepsy.
Before the attacks he gets an aura. He also has a photographic memory and he dreams about using it in a major robbery.
He will have the opportunity during a trip to the south, to Patagonia.

A fast thriller, Argentinian style.

Unfortunately the last movie made by Bielinsky who died in his forties.

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  1. Sorry for the ignorance but where can I see these films? Is Lincoln Center or any other place giving these films or is there somewhere I can rent it. Thanks!