Thursday, January 7, 2010

From Argentina- La Cienaga/The Swamp


La Cienaga/The Swamp won the first place as the Best Latin American movie of the decade on a survey organized by Cinema Tropical. Please check my previous post "Survey" for more details about the poll.

Director Lucrecia Martel portraits the lives of two women and their families during a hot summer in the North of Argentina. Martel was born in Salta and I like the fact that she sets her movies in this province, instead of Buenos Aires.

As I have family in Tucuman, the province next to Salta I have visited the region several times and I suggest that if you ever have a chance to travel to Argentina you do too. In Spanish Salta is called "Salta la linda" because it's a very pretty place.

The landscape is very different from urban Buenos Aires, the food is to forget the empanadas saltenas and the humitas...
People have a different accent (if you know Spanish pay attention!) Even the sense of time is not alike... Because of the summer heat, stores close around noon and reopen many hours after. City dwellers go home to take a "siesta", a nap.

In this movie Graciela Borges -a very well known Argentinian actress- plays Mecha, an alcoholic and mother of four teenagers who is afraid to finish her days lying in bed for years as her mother once did, but doesn't do too much to avoid that fate. Her husband doesn't help her too much to improve the situation. The movie follows her family and her cousin's (the great Mercedes Moran) during a hot summer that seem endless and that revolves around a pool...

La Cienaga/The Swamp
Argentina, 2001
1 hour.40 min

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  1. I found La Cienaga on Netflix and put it on my list. I think I will write down some of the others and see whether they are offered as well.
    This is a great blog on a very important and specialized topic.