Monday, January 25, 2010

Repertorio Espanol, NYC

As you know New York City offers many opportunities to experience Latino culture.

One kept secret is Repertorio Espanol, the leading Spanish theatre in the city which presents plays by Jorge Amado (Dona Flor and sus dos maridos), Mario Vargas Llosa (Pantaleon y las Visitadoras), classics like the works of Federico Garcia Lorca or Cervantes or plays by emerging Latino playwrights.

During January the theater is offering a$ 10 discount to some plays. The plays are performed in Spanish with English translation.

The Off Broadway Theatre is located at 138 East, 27 Street near Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

For more information go to: or call: 212-225-9920.


  1. I wonder whether you have ever considered sending a note to the Spanish departments of
    local universities and high schools. I think it would be wonderful for students to see Spanish movies. It is a great way to enhance understanding of the language, and to enjoy
    the culture. The reviews are wonderful reading.
    Some of the movies are in Netflix. I am going to
    order something.