Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010! From Argentina: Nine Queens

Hello friends,

I can't believe we are in 2010 already!

I hope 2010 brings salud, dinero, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlos!

Health, money, love and time to enjoy it all.

On December 31st 2009 I watched with my husband and children an Argentinian movie that I want to recommend: "Nine Queens" and I 'm happy to report that my tween daughter liked it!!!

Nine Queens/Nueve Reinas, 2000

Fabian Bielinsky

Arghentina, 115 min.

I have to say that the movie has some bad language, but that's how it's in Argentina's streets these days...

In any case perhaps some of you remember the movie because it was shown in New York cinemas, an amazing acomplishment for an Argentinian movie. I remember going to watch the movie near Lincoln Center and feeling so good about it...

Unfortunately , Fabian Bielinsky, the film's director died of a heart attack in 2006 at only 47 years old.

The movie is a puzzle and a thriller and has an interesting ending...Oh! I can't say anymore...Sorry. You have to watch it!

And remember apart from Netflix if you live in New York City (sorry Gerardo!) you can get it at the NYPL (you can book it online and send it to the library closer to your address.)




  1. The movie "The Holy Girl" sounds interesting; I located it on Netflix and put it on my list. I should receive it within two weeks and look forward to seeing it.